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Rosemary: The Super Herb that's More Than A Flavor!

You’d be surprised to find out that your favorite herb to include on your favorite foods also carries numerous health benefits! The aroma of the rosemary herb as well as its primary plant ingredients have been known to improve focus, energy, memory, and many other ailments.  

Recent studies have shown that rosemary’s scent immediately improves brain function, regardless of the person’s age. Although, because of this spike in brain function, many older adults who struggle with early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s experience great benefits from breathing in rosemary. All the side effects of brain fog may include a lack of energy and focus and even some minor short-term memory loss, which rosemary extract improves.  

Some other ailments that rosemary extract can help you with include hair loss, muscle and joint pain, stress and anxiety, and poor circulation. Rosemary extract can even repel certain pesky insects that live in your house! You can conveniently take rosemary extract in pill form with ZenZest to naturally boost energy levels and so much more. 

Other ways to take advantage of rosemary? Try putting a few drops on the bottom of your tub before you take a shower, and the steam will activate it, include it in your baths, or diffuse it in your essential oil diffuser.