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5 Steps to Start Meditating with Liz Carlile of Motherhood Unstressed

Despite what many people think about meditation, it is not about silencing your mind or controlling your thoughts. It’s not even as complex as many wellness influencers make it out to be. All you need is your mat, and 5-10 minutes of uninterrupted time. You can choose to play a beautiful piece of music or you can just choose silence. You also do not need to sit up straight. If it is difficult for you, you can choose to lay flat on your back in the yoga corpse pose.

For those 5-10 minutes, just lay there and be present. If thoughts come into your mind, let them, remember that you are the observer of your thoughts and that you are not your thoughts. A spiritual guide once told me, “if you are your thoughts, then who is listening to them?” Another way to explain this is that we all know thoughts come and go all day every day, but if we are our thoughts, then when are thoughts disappear, we would as well.

However, if you feel like your thoughts are overwhelming, you can always ground yourself through breath work. If you are still unsure where to start with meditation, a good place to start is with this technique.

1. Place one hand over your heart

2. Place your other hand over your belly

3. Inhale and hold

4. Exhale and hold

5. Do this 4 times

This technique actually puts your body in a parasympathetic nervous system response, in which you are actually directing your body to calm down.